Company profile

La Cisa, has been working in the field of logistic from 47 years, has 10 offices in the north of Italy and it’s present with its machines, in some of the most important steel mills and ports.

Our mission

The mission of La Cisa is to provide the supply of high quality services, working in partnership with its customers for the development and use of new and more efficient technology, in accordance with the environment and safety pillars.

Our goals

  • Create value for stakeholders
  • Contribute to the welfare and professional development of its employees and collaborators
  • Develop and strengthen relations with its customers, from simple service provider to strategic partner with which to share the long-term objectives

Founded in 1969

La Cisa was founded in 1969 starting its activities in the transport sector; with the passing of years, the core business has focused increasingly on the industrial handling, especially of steel and raw materials. In recent years the transport activity has been abandoned in order to focus on the growth areas of internal logistics and materials handling equipment rental.

The company makes available to the client the great experience gained during its 49 years of activity in logistics, material handling and warehouse management.
The logistics activity is carried out by modern machinery and skilled operators ensure all stages of handling of semi-finished and finished products. La Cisa is also responsible for:

  • – Shipping
  • – Identification and storage of the material
  • – The computerized apron management of forklift trucks and self-propelled.

Thanks to the ten operating locations we are able to guarantee a total coverage for any type of maintenance on the vehicles in order to provide excellent performance and reliable, ensuring the best service possible.


Our History