Our certifications

Customer satisfaction, the inclination to continuous improvement, the development of safety, health and sustainability themes, the constant search for innovative technological solutions and the growth of its human capital are the fundamental pillars on which La Cisa founds its organization.

Our Quality and Safety policies summarize and highlight the Company mission, guiding our people in achieving clear, shared and ambitious goals.

Our integrated system for Quality and Safety management aims at leading the processes towards those key points, which have been identified thanks to procedures and monitoring indicators, able to guide effectively business decisions.

Continuous monitoring of the supply chain, feedbacks on customer satisfaction, internal and external audits, anomalies’ analysis, preventive and corrective action plan definition, efficacy analysis are some of the tools allowing the continuous improvement of the services provided to our clients.

In 2001, La Cisa started a certification path, beginning from the ISO 9001 and the OSHAS 18001, with which all our offices are certified.


In 2019 LA CISA introduced and published the Code of Ethics which expresses the principles and general rules of behavior whose observance is to be consider an indispensable condition for the correct functioning, reliability and protection of the reputation of La Cisa Trasporti Industriali S.r.l.

The adoption of a Code of Ethics is an indispensable tool for enhancing the corporate activity in order to highlight the ethical and deontological dimension of the Company and safeguarding its image in a perspective that is not exclusively commercial.