La Cisa has a large fleet able to meet every need

The Company’s fleet consists of over 350 motor vehicles and 300 industrial trailers. We can provide the most suitable equipment to perform safe, rapid and effective transfers.

We are constantly committed to the research and development of solutions to provide an even wider range of services.


Forklift Trucks can be endowed with specific equipment in order to satisfy several requests.
The fleet is constantly evolving, thanks to the constant focus on safety, sustainability and operational efficiency.

Industrial tractors

Industrial tractors with towing capacity up to 300 tons.

We have industrial tractors for every need and all types of cargo, with four and two-wheel drive, suitable for both Ro-Ro and industrial applications. They can be adapted to any type of trailer, thanks to their tailored equipment: gooseneck, fifth wheel, hydraulic ballast with bell.

Rolltrailers and trailers

Rolltrailers and trailers  with capacity up to 300 tons. They can have different load capacities, heights and lengths to adapt to all needs. They represent the future of logistics for iron and steel mills and for ports. Thanks to their versatility, they can be adapted to any type of load, including tubes, coils, steel bars, ingots, plates, ladles, scraps, transport of material at 800°.
Drawbar trailers are the right solution for loads of over 200 tons. 


Self propelled hydraulic lifters for pallets’ transportation with capacity up to 250 tons. They represent an alternative to tractor-trailers, suitable for work in factories and warehouses where the room for manoeuvre is limited.

Reach stacker

Reach-stacker with capacity up to 60 tons.
Our Reach Stackers are equipped in the several ways: swivel hooks, magnets, crushers for slabs, mechanical grippers, vacuum system for handling tubes and spreader are only some examples. These machines guarantee the handling of the heaviest steel products, with higher visibility, greater storage capacity and with higher safety standards.

Wheel loaders

Loaders for scrap, ferroalloys and slag handling.


Dumpers for any type of transport (slag, slab, scrap, etc.).


Loaders of different sizes and equipped with different operative tools (magnets, buckets, grapples, etc.).