Invest in training creates value . In the organization that grows every day, new technologies make essential personal matching skills of strategic resources (both service and logistics) in order to ensure safety and improve the performance of their duties required by the market and by our customers.


The trainers transform the investment of education and training, thanks to a capillary management of learning transferability, in professionalism, optimizing the quality of the working environment by increasing the company’s profitability.

What have we done

La Cisa, aware of the role that information, education and training have taken in the global context, flows into the Academy collaboration of its best resources for research and development of innovative and educational projects, included in the professional growth, enhancing the inherent potential and bringing to the distinction of the role.
Following a training request and the analysis of requirements together with the customer, the design team composed of experts in logistics, service, safety and quality, with the support of specialists in educational processes and communication, offers a top quality product for the achievement of objectives.
Focusing on needs and interests of adult learning, training Academy projects make use of the experience lived by the participants who, working as a team with colleagues and facilitators, they discover during training activities improved aspects of success stories through pictures, videos and field experiences. The use of interactive methodologies shall facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills to reach the results.
The operators of forklifts, and not only them, trained in a virtual world to acquire the skills and improve their style, in pursuit of greater safety in the subsequent movements in the real field, through the use of DRIVING SIMULATOR.