Our simulator

Based on the interaction between a 3D high-resolution display system, a system of electromechanical movement and the customization of the virtual experience, our Driving Simulator represents the future of virtual professional training.

Our Simulator is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the researchers of the Istituto Universitario Sant’Anna of Pisa and La Cisa technicians.

Completed in 2015, it soon became a key tool for operators’ training in La Cisa Academy.
Inspired by the AirForce and created to satisfy all vehicles’ dynamic needs, the Simulator offers an innovative and protected environment in which to learn – or improve – driving behaviors on several industrial vehicles.

It is able to simulate different work environments, climate conditions and unforeseen situations, such as failures or ground operators, to provide a wide range of situations, otherwise impossible to reproduce on the job.

Platform ( Stewart Platform)

  •  Geometry with 6 degrees of freedom (motion) and roll angles pitch and yaw (roll, tilt and steering). Thanks to the electric pistons driven by PLC, it plays:

    • Accelerations
    • Sudden stops
    • Sudden steering
    • Rollovers
    • Collisions caused by operetors’ mishandling


The cockpit is a real forklift shell, furnished with all the necessary components to provide an experience identical to the one operators would have in their real-life, when conducting industrial and port handling.

3D visalization system

Based on four 3D high-resolution projectors.
At least two images are projected in each area of the cabin. The images are then combined to create the three-dimensional effect.

The sound system is associated to the video system and reproduces the noises present in the work environment.

The 3D system, thanks to the associated special glasses and to the panels on both the windows and the dashboard, immerses the user in a virtual environment, which reproduces faithfully the operators’ work environment.

Thanks to the tracker positioned over the cabin, the user experience becomes even more interactive; in fact, the virtual environment constantly changes according to the operator point of view.

Simulation software

Thanks to the simulation software dedicated, the trainer controls the simulated environment displaying what the operator is doing and actively intervening in the virtual environments, changing the weather conditions, adding extra people and/or vehicles and playing mechanical failures.

Simulated scenarios

We are able to replicate real-life working sites thanks to a high-resolution rendering. In this way, the operator can practice in the same environment in which he will have to operate in the real life.

We have already realized scenarios:

  • bars yard -> ->forklift equipped with magnets
  • tube warehouse ->->forklift equipped with clamps
  • slab warehouse -> ->forklift
  • coils warehouse -> ->Reach stacker with swivel hooks

We are also able to design new prototypical scenarios to simulate areas in which the machineries may have to operate in, eventually.

This analytical work guarantees an optimization of space and time during the planning phase.