QHSE – our management system

“A system that HELPS to manage, not a system that have TO BE managed”

A company management system is shared at all levels of the organization by four simple principles:
  1. Say what you want to do
  2. Do what you are told
  3. Check the results
  4. Continually seek to improve (in the sense of making it more effective and efficient) what it says
It is not always easy to keep this organizational Plan Do Check Act cycle with effectively and timely. La Cisa has been using since 2012 a dedicated software that encloses the principles of management and helps employees in the performance of their activities.
The system is used across all our offices and became in a few years a cornerstone of our organization and our way of delivering services.
The system is modular and allows:
  1. Sharing of Know How and Know Why (sharing modules, procedures, instructions, events)
  2. Managing faults/action plans (planning, monitoring, and verification)
  3. Traceability, Division responsibilities
  4. Reminder actions per user
  5. Monitoring and sharing improvement actions
  6. Personal baggage management