The TMS system was developed by La Cisa in order to increase the safety of our staff, and at the same time decrease the wear of machines, thanks to fully automated systems such as speed limited on geographical areas, the machine stop in the event of a load not safetely, remotely control of the bumps with the aid of accelerometers, and cameras settled on vehicles. Another aspect on which we focus is fuel economy thanks to Start & Stop, and monitoring of route without load.


      • Position monitoring of machines and mileage using GPS and a real time display via Web interface.
      • Developed entirely within our infrastructure and fully integrated with our maintenance management system.
      • Enables real-time communication between the Logistics Department and workshop maintenance.
      • Record and archive all usage of our means, such as mileage, loads moved, fuel etc.
        Monitoring the proper use of the means by detecting potentially damaging events such as shock or excessive accelerations.

      • Can be integrated with other features such as rate-limiting system, geographic areas and Start & Stop.
      • Monitoring and diagnosticsof the machines in order toprevent failures and optimize and maintenance process.