The use of new technologies in the training courses allows La Cisa to guarantee technical trained staff in the logistic handling in the workplace, such as construction sites or steelworks, and a considerable saving in terms of time and costs for the company.

The first simulator for forklifts

V-Fork, the virtual reality evolution of the forklift simulator


Virtual training for real skills


Layout prototyping


Carriage simulation
elevators with different capacities and equipment


Score gaming
throughout all the session


V-FORK simulator

The new La Cisa Academy simulator uses virtual reality technology with a 360-degree viewer integrated with an electromechanical system, for the simulation of logistics handling in different work environments, atmospheric or unexpected situations.

The advantage of this new mobile system is to provide training courses in simulation driving at the customer’s premises, reproducing the same features available with the simulator on Stewart platform, but in an even more immersive and innovative environment.

The V-Fork simulator also provides a score during each driving action, to make the driving experience even more captivating: in this way a competition mechanism is established with oneself or between drivers, useful for increasing concentration and commitment with a view to achieving a better result. Furthermore, the evaluation history is stored to repeat the guide after some time and trace the improvement path.

How does it work?

Instead of the driver’s cab body, the V-Fork simulator is made up of the minimum necessary components of a forklift truck: a seat, a pedalboard, the steering wheel and the controls.


Born from a collaboration between the researchers of the Istituto Universitario Sant’Anna of Pisa and the technicians of La Cisa, the simulator was completed in 2015 and it became an instrument in use at La Cisa Academy in Dalmine for the training of internal and external staff.

Inspired by aeronautics and created for the dynamic needs of each type of vehicle, the simulator reproduces movements and scenarios at the wheel of a forklift truck, offering an innovative and protected environment to learn or improve the behavior while driving forklifts.

Its peculiarity is the possibility to simulate different working environments, atmospheric situations, unforeseen events (such as breakdowns or ground personnel), so as to provide a variety of situations impossible to achieve through normal on-the-job courses.

How does it works?

The simulator reproduces a forklift body mounted on a mobile platform capable of simulating different movements such as acceleration, braking, steering, tipping and collisions.

Thanks to four 3D projectors and a 360° sound system, the experience faithfully reproduces the working environment and hypothetical scenarios, such as bar and warehouse parks, or special conditions such as changes in weather conditions, additional vehicles and people, mechanical failures.

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