Total Logistic Solution

The advantages of the TLS service

Full service internal logistics activities are our core business.
Not only the supply of vehicles and employee but also an effective and performing support to optimize the logistic management of each project and offer the customer many advantages.

  • Reduction of operational waste
  • Reduction of downtime and double movements
  • Process efficiency
  • Maximize security
  • Reduction of environmental impact


“Prevention is better than cure”

In order to offer safety in the working places where we operate and to transmit knowledge and experience, all our operators are trained beforehand on safety regulations, on the use of vehicles and on the risk conditions linked to the working environments.

This is also thanks to the driving simulators for forklift trucks, through which we train, through Teachers with long experience in the real field, the new operators by immersing them through VR in the recreated warehouses and on the specific means for the various movements they will carry out.


We are a group of more than 300 people, mostly logistic, mechanical and transversal figures such as quality and safety technicians and staff figures.

We work together in any production process, with knowledge of the relevant industry standards and to use any type of industrial vehicle.


Our company fleet currently consists of more than 350 motor vehicles and over 300 industrial trailers, including forklifts of different capacities, self-propelled, loaders, wheel loaders, roll trailers, etc..

For each steel product and warehouse in which we work, we provide the most suitable vehicles and equipment to perform safe handling, minimizing travel and maximizing the efficiency of journeys and storage.


We study, design and produce all types of equipment specific to products and handling with the support of our partner La Cisa Technology.

Industry engineers who are able to produce and certify the specific equipment also thanks to a solid collaboration with the forklift and reach stacker producers who are our customers today.


Internally developed software and management platforms that provide us, and the customer for whom we manage the steel, with all kinds of information about handling.

Tools for personal detection on the ground or other vehicles in the nearby, monitoring and control tons moved to get information, generate reports and of course make the full logistical process more efficient.


The management of the total fleet of vehicles also includes maintenance: preventive, ordinary and extraordinary.

 The team of specialized mechanics carry out a maintenance activity 365 days a year, thus allowing the availability and continuity of the service at 360°.

logistic layout

We offer real solutions to reduce costs and optimize resources, starting from the mapping of all IN, OUT and WIP product flows and all production, transport, loading and unloading operating times, up to the remodelling of the layout based on the logistical analysis and availability of the production site.


“safety and green first.”

Our slogan has one of our fundamental values in it: Working safely.

Our operators must return home safely every day, and our customers must be able to trust and rely on our services.

The supply of vehicles and equipment is certified and the staff is trained on safety issues.

Not only that. Each services and solutions proposed by La Cisa reflects the development of safety, health and sustainability issues, a fundamental pillars of the company.

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