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50 years in logistics

Thanks to the multiple operating sites in Italy and beyond, we are able to guarantee global shipment, storage, management and maintenance of each vehicle, offering excellent and safe performance, ensuring maximum service.


Create value for stakeholders

We are deeply believed that the added value of our service is embedded in the quality of the relationship we create with our employees, partners and customers. Contributing to the welfare and professional development of our employees and partners allows us to offer a service of outstanding quality. Developing and strengthening relationships with our customers, moving from a simple service provider to a strategic partner, allows us to share long-term growth goals.


Solve all logistical needs.

La Cisa, leader in providing integrated services in handling and logistics, is a consolidated partner of steel excellence on the international level.

We provide our customers with experience, know-how and innovation to design and build in a synergic way cutting-edge, replicable and sustainable solutions in order of safety, environment and quality.

Passion, human capital and continuous improvement are the driving force of our company.

Our Story

From transport to industrial handling.

In 1969 we started our activity in the transport sector. Over the years, our core business focused on the industrial handling sector, in particular the steel and prefabricated sectors. In recent years we have abandoned the pure transport business to focus on the internal logistics and rental of handling equipment.

1959 – The origins

It was 1959 when Remigio Provenzi, the future founder of La Cisa, joined the family transport company when he was just 20 years old, together with his father Alessandro and brother Giuseppe. In that year the first important commercial agreement with Dalmine Spa (at that time belonging to the Finsider group) was signed for the transport of ingot moulds and rolling rolls for the plants of Dalmine, Sabbio Bergamasco, Costa Volpino and Massa Carrara.

1969 – The Foundation

In 1969 Remigio and Giuseppe Provenzi founded La Cisa Trasporti Industriali Srl. With the passing of the years, the road transport activity was progressively abandoned, and the business moved into the factories. Remigio realized that the management of warehouses was far from being optimized and he saw in internal logistics, still little exploited, a potential value.

1970s – The first successes in Italy

The first forklifts were purchased to manage the external warehouses of some of the main steel producers. In just a few years, the historic construction sites of the Italsider group’s factories in Taranto, Novi Ligure, Genoa and Bagnoli were created, as well as at the Piombino steelworks (then owned by Deltasider). In 1978, La Cisa obtained from Dalmine SpA the complete management of the finished products storage area in Marina di Massa.

The 1980s – First foreign successes

The process innovations introduced by La Cisa allow it to be appreciated even outside national borders. A new shipyard is started up at a large steelwork in southern France and an important contract is acquired with an Italian oil company for the management of the warehouse of pipes for oil exploration in North Africa.

The 90’s – The first complete management contracts

In 1990 La Cisa completed its establishment within the Finsider group, obtaining the complete management of the bar stock by Dalmine SpA, to which other logistics contracts were added within a short period of time.

Years 2000 – The downsizing

The privatization of the steel sector encouraged new owners to vertically integrate their logistics processes. Dalmine SpA alone is keeping the policy of outsourcing steel handling services alive. Thanks to the participation of Paolo Provenzi, Remigio’s son and current Director of La Cisa, new process technologies were successfully developed.

2007 – The consolidation

Paolo’s initiative and the precious contribution of his brother Roberto allow La Cisa to gain an important position in the national scene, thanks to the acquisition of new customers and strengthen relationships with historical customers.

2015 – La Cisa Driver Academy

During the year, the Driver Academy, an in-house department dedicated to practical and theoretical training, saw the light of day. This idea became a reality thanks to the contribution of the technical staff, whose goal was to improve work quality and production efficiency while integrating personal development into the professional context. The result was the creation of the first forklift driving simulator in 2015, becoming the centerpiece of Dalmine’s La Cisa Academy division for staff training in a safe and protected virtual environment.

2019 – 50th anniversary at Made in Steel and more!

2019 – 50th anniversary at Made in Steel and more!
To celebrate 50th anniversary, La Cisa made its debut at Made in Steel, a well-known international conference and exhibition dedicated to the steel industry. During the event, it showcased the world premiere of the 120-ton all-electric tractor, developed in collaboration with an industry partner, along with the V-foRk driving simulator, the virtual reality version of the first forklift simulator

In September, the 50th anniversary celebrations continued with a special event on the beach in Ravenna, to which all employees of LA CISA Group companies were invited. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate the company anniversary together with those who have experienced and contributed to the company’s growth

2024 – La Cisa today

After more than 50 years since its founding, La Cisa boasts an excellent customer portfolio and a strong presence at the production sites of major steel producers and processors nationwide. In addition, numerous collaborations are ongoing with new customers abroad, including Croatia, Romania, North America and France. The Drive Academy currently has 4 simulators, including the first in 3D version with real forklift cab, 2 portable driving simulators and one for overhead crane and man-down simulation, all 3 in Virtual Reality.

Improvements in the quality of services offered have been made possible by significant investments in human capital, new technologies and occupational safety, with an ongoing commitment to 360-degree sustainability permeating our every initiative.



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La Cisa Trasporti Industriali S.r.l., in compliance with Legislative Decree 10 March 2023, n. 24, so-called “Whistleblowing Decree“, has implemented its own internal reporting channel which allows reports to be sent, in writing or orally, ensuring maximum confidentiality on the identity of the whistleblower and the person reported, the content of the report, any related documents attached, as well as any other persons cited.

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