Bay City (TEXAS) – Electric Mechanic

For our Bay City (TX) site c/o Tenaris Plant we are looking for an Electrical Mechanic for forklifts and industrial tractors.

  1. Operating experience with different electrical diagnostic tools and doing base diagnosis on CAN-BUS lines
  2. Reading and understanding schematics
  3. Operating proficiently on low voltage DC systems and occasionally on high voltage AC system installed on vehicles
  4. Following written and verbal instructions to complete tasks
  5. Relying on check lists to track progression of work
  6. Accurately pulling, pushing, routing and securing wires and cables throughout truck frames and cabs
  7. Operating hand and power tools including – but not limited to – impact wrenches, cordless driller, etc.
  8. Installing, cleaning and organizing electrical parts
  9. Performing electrical tests as needed/ when necessary/required
  10. Taking inventory of mechanical components and parts
  11. Understanding the differences in wires, harnesses, cables, and tools
  12. Installing hand run circuits to operate specific electrical options

Educational requirements/ Experience
Associates Degree in Automotive Mechanics or Electro-Mechanical or equivalent
At least 3 years of experience in installing and testing electrical components and heavy motor parts.


Soft skills
• Punctuality and responsibility
• High ability to communicate verbally with co-workers to maintain a safe and healthy work environment
• Maintaining a clean and safe working environment
• Work ethic
• Problem solving
• Inclination to leadership and teamwork
• Demonstrate and maintain satisfactory English communication skills; ability to conduct business over the phone in an educated and courtly manner (knowledge of Spanish will be appreciated)


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