“Help us, everything is needed”

January 2, 2021 – Croatia: national mourning for earthquake victims

In memory of the victims of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck a region south of Zagreb on December 29, devastating much of the population centers of Petrinja, Sisak, Glina, Majske Poljane and other nearby villages and causing seven deaths, some 30 injuries and enormous material damage. People left homeless numbered several thousand.

Source ANSA

In view of what has happened and having been personally affected at the Sisak site where 51 of our logistics colleagues work inside the ABS (Acciaierie Bertoli Safau) plant, we feel like suggesting a link to offer your support as well.

We will be on the front line to support the affected population as much as possible, but ours will be just a droplet in a sea of solidarity thanks to your help.

Donation Caritas causal “Terremoto Croazia”