La Cisa and Movincar together for the exclusive test of E-VER Konecranes electric forklift

25/02/2022 Tenaris Dalmine,

It is well kown that true innovation is born from the synergy of experience and technology.

On one side, La Cisa, a leading company for more than 50 years in the handling of steel products, on the other Movincar our Konecranes dealer, a manufacturer of forklifts renowned for their technology.

E-VER is the protagonist of our test, an electric forklift that seems born to amaze:

  • Capacity of 16 ton
  • 0 CO2 emissions  
  • Full electric power supply with a power of 110KW
  • Full charge in just 45 minutes in “fast charging” mode
  • Maximum safety thanks to the always connected vehicle monitoring sensors
  • Precise movements and high sensitibility
  • Compatibility with pipe clamp equipment

The compatibility of the equipment was necessary according to the handling to which we would subject it.

For this important occasion, in fact, the choice was to carry out the test within our logistics of Tenaris Dalmine, historical customer of La Cisa and very sensitive to safety and sustainability themes.

The need to equip the vehicle with the pipe clamp, made in La Cisa Technology, is the result of our experience in steel logistics and an essential prerequisite for La Cisa to handle Tenaris pipes safely.

Excellent vehicle and super performing, it will give many a hard time.”

This is the comment of Sergio Daminelli, operator with more than 15 years of experience in La Cisa, specialized in logistic handling and more.

Will its performance powered by lithium batteries be able to meet our needs in this and other steel handling?

We leave you the first photos of the test and look forward to your comments!