WEBINAR: steelmakers talk by suppliers

πŸ“† Tuesday, September 20

An online meeting organized by Siderweb to give the voice to some of the suppliers of the steel industry, which, in addition to producing, transforming and trading steel, generates relevant activities for the entire supply chain. In fact, companies active in the supply of equipment, materials and services for the steel industry have always been a key element in ensuring the innovation and prosperity of the sector.

La Cisa, as an established supplier of steel logistics services for more than 50 years, was invited to bring, together with 3 other suppliers, its point of view with focus on the current market, critical issues and actions taken for the short and long term.

During the event our CEO, Paolo Provenzi, was interviewed as well as Michele Bendotti Forni Industriali Bendotti, Mauro Stefanoni SAS Engineering, Paolo Franceschetti Slingofer, and Sergio Mazzucchelli Zaninoni Holding