sustain employees

La Cisa supporting employees

Grateful that we have grown thanks to the people who have contributed to our growth, and aware of the challenges brought about by health, economic, political and energy factors in recent times, we have decided to take action to support our employees.

We are well aware that the current situation, on a social level, is characterized by a significant increase in the cost of living, with not inconsiderable repercussions on family budgets. Therefore, our CEO Paolo Provenzi took the decision to react with two different actions, towards employees.

Specifically, the Meal Vouchers, which were already being disbursed at a value of €6.50 each, were raised to a value of €8.00 each.

In addition, a budget of € 65,000 disbursed through the welfare platform was allocated in October 2022 equally to the more than 300 employees of La Cisa Trasporti Industriali.

Sure that with everyone’s contribution we will continue to grow as we look forward to future challenges.