Blytheville (ARKANSAS) – Heavy Equipment Maintenance Mechanic

For our Blytheville (TX) site c/o Tenaris Plant we are looking for a Senior Mechanic for forklifts and industrial tractors.



  1. Performing technical and instrumental testing and diagnosis of vehicle components (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical/electronic, pneumatic, etc.);
  2. In accordance with internal instructions, performing maintenance or installation of vehicle components (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical/electronic, pneumatic…) ensuring, at the end of maintenance, the proper operation of the vehicle;
  3. Performing operations to monitor the condition of vehicle components (CND, electronic diagnosis, tolerance measurements…);
  4. Working on cleaning the vehicles and the equipment. Collaborating with other technicians in maintaining a clean and orderly workplace;
  5. Uses company tools to report anomalies, performing cause analysis and proposing improvement actions;
  6. Communicating with vehicle users to make an initial diagnosis of the fault and, upon delivery, informing them of the care and proper operation of the vehicle.


Educational Requirements/Experience


  • Proven experience of at least 3-5 years in the field of industrial vehicle maintenance (industrial, construction, earthmoving or similar).
  • Good knowledge of mechanical and hydraulic equipment and the use of diagnostic and measurement tools.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical/electronic components of machinery and the use of diagnostic and measurement tools.


Organizational skills, dynamism, teamwork and good problem solving skills complete the profile.
The company offers direct employment in a dynamic and fast-growing environment.
We offer an entry-level position according to the candidate’s experience.

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