Coming soon the 2nd Forklift Simulator

In the La Cisa Academy we will soon be able to see the second forklift simulator.

There are several new features and integrations, including:

  • New environment,
  • Driving simulation for industrial and port tractors,
  • Easy transportability of the simulator for faster and safer travel,
  • Setup for integration with the Man Simulator.


Our R&D and Academy Teams have in fact joined forces again to study, design and implement the new simulator with the aim of providing a tool to support training even more immersive and engaging.

Always projected into the future and not satisfied with current technologies, they have also prepared the tool for future integration with a second simulator: the man on the ground.

The two simulators and, more specifically, the two operators who will use them, will thus be able to work within the same virtual environment, faithfully recreating a real working condition where the forklift driver often interacts with the ground staff dedicated, for example, to the safety of the handled products.

This will make the virtual training of La Cisa more and more attractive and close to reality, without losing the added value of training staff in virtual environments in total safety and with the ability to simulate activities, weather conditions and unforeseen events impossible to recreate in normal on-the-job courses.