Our social commitment also in Peru

We could start by telling you how we first met the Onlus Cesvi and the Peruvian association Tejiendo Sonrisas, “an Italian cooperation organization that has been operating in Peru since the 1980s and has transferred its expertise in the thematic areas of human rights, environmental protection and sustainable production, risk management and emergency”. Thanks to a very empathetic person eager to help his country, we got involved in this cause with the aim of being a solid support to those who are less lucky, donating what for us may be a small help but on the other side is a basic necessity good.

We are proud to have contributed to giving young mothers in difficulty a rich Christmas lunch, but this is just one of the examples of what the Onlus Cesvi and Tejiendo Sonrisas have done, and will continue to do, thanks to our little help.

A social responsibility that we have made our own and that we are sure we must have not only towards a country apparently far away, but also towards those who are closer to us. In fact the 2030 Agenda we have several responsibilities that we feel are ours, from reducing environmental impact to humanitarian aid, from ecology to sustainability in all its aspects.

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