The publication of the first Sustainability Report for La Cisa

“We consider the Sustainability Report to be an important step in our journey on the road to an increasingly sustainable future, and we are confident that through a collective effort we will succeed in developing increasingly green logistics.” Tells Paolo Provezi, CEO of LA CISA.

Responsibility and sustainability have always been our assets. We believe that devoting extra attention to processes, people and territory is a concrete way to achieve economic, social and moral benefits.

During our Corporate Strategic Planning journey, the need arose, naturally and shared by all representatives of offices and departments, to integrate sustainability aspects into their activities and, as a result, to transparently communicate performance in the economic, environmental, social and governance fields to their stakeholders.

And that is exactly how, towards the end of 2022, the design of our first Sustainability Report begins.

Gathering the information and especially the data needed for this reporting took months and involved the active collaboration of several colleagues at multiple levels. Therefore, we are happy and proud to have published our first Sustainability Report covering the year 2022 on September 27, 2023.

The publication took place on the occasion of the Strategic Planning meeting attended by all the contact persons from La Cisa’s operational offices and departments, and was an intentional choice considering that the idea for the planning had originated just a year earlier from the working group.

Involving the Team in the publication as well has made everyone share in and enthusiastic about the result, and above all, it has increased the awareness that this first step achieved together represents only one of many along our path to the future.