La Cisa Trasporti Industriali chooses 3Bee for biodiversity protection


Biodiversity, or the variety of animal and plant species on our planet, has been declining at an alarming rate in recent years, particularly due to some human activities, pollution and the consequences of climate change. According toISPRA, a significant percentage of pollinating insects are at risk of extinction, a situation exacerbated by global warming. Therefore, it is crucial to take concrete action to protect, regenerate and monitor the state of biodiversity and the world of pollinators.

In this context, La Cisa teamed up with scientific partner 3Bee, the naturetech company that is a leader in biodiversity protection through technology, to carry out an important regeneration project. In fact, La Cisa has committed itself to the care and growth of a small space dedicated to the protection of local biodiversity and pollinating insects, known as Oasi 3Bee, located in Lombardy. The aim is to strengthen the link with the area, contributing to the protection and regeneration of local biodiversity.

To date, theOasis consists of 50 nectariferous trees and it is estimated that this area can accommodate and feed 3,800 pollinating insects each year, thanks to the potential production of about 19 kg of nectar once the plants reach their growth regime. All nectariferous trees are cared for by 3Bee growers, professional farmers who decide to allocate a portion of their land to biodiversity projects, experts in species protection and care.

This project represents an important step in La Cisa’s sustainability journey .

Thanks to a scientific partner such as 3Bee, we want to take concrete action for the protection and regeneration of biodiversity: its loss is one of the most urgent emergencies to be addressed, and we at La Cisa want to do our part by contributing not only to its protection, but also to raising the awareness of employees, customers and stakeholders on this important issue.

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