Responsibility and sustainability have always been our assets. We believe that dedicating more attention to processes, people and territory is a concrete way to obtain economic, social and moral benefits.


Not just logistics management. We constantly implement prevention actions to reduce margins of error and operational waste, as well as maximizing efficiency, thanks to the integration of software and integrated systems.

01. Vehicle monitoring

The TMS (Tracking Machine System) allows La Cisa to monitor the movements and the correct use of the vehicles, allowing a significant reduction of fuel and tire waste thanks to the Start & Stop. The fully automated systems used on the vehicles allow to limit the speed on geographical areas, the blocking of the machine in case of unsafe loading, the remote control of impacts with the help of accelerometers and cameras mounted on the vehicles. Moreover, monitoring the position of the vehicles and the kilometers travelled by GPS, allows to minimize empty journeys, with a consequent saving of time and costs.

02. Optimization of flows

Thanks to the analysis and the study carried out in the formulation of new logistical layouts, La Cisa is able to optimize workflows, to identify operational waste and to intervene to maximize the efficiency of handling and processing within the client companies.

03. Constant development

La Cisa has created the QHSE (Quality of Health, Safety and Environment) model, which consists of a web platform where it is possible to share documents, procedures, surveys, inspections, ideas for improvement, but above all anomalies observed and the consequent resolution actions. This tool is a great advantage for customers and for La Cisa, which is able to improve in the various production sites thanks to its presence in different work areas.


The monitoring and zeroing of risks, combined with constant compliance with current regulations, allows us to protect the company and the people who work there.

01. “Zero Injury” objective

La Cisa has created the QHSE (Quality of Health, Safety and Environment) model by articulating it into 10 pillars with the objective of “Zero Accidents”, a list of 10 simple company rules to be applied in the workplace to prevent potential accidents. The list of rules includes the use of the PPE provided by the company and of the correct equipment, the adoption of preventive and prudent behavior, etc.

02. Control and maintenance

Thanks to the TMS (Tracking Machine System), La Cisa is able to monitor the movements and conditions of the vehicles, for example by providing the blocking of the machine in unauthorized places, the limitation of speed on predetermined areas, the control of status and wear of tires, the alert in case of impacts and mechanical anomalies, to ensure the safety of people, processes and customers.

03. Driving simulation

In addition, the Driver Academy of La Cisa provides specific courses on safety regulations in the workplace, but also real and simulated driving of vehicles, to gain hours of experience useful to prevent accidents, simulate the correct behavior in case of critical scenarios and gain greater safety when operators will be driving real vehicles.


The use of innovative technological solutions and attention to the sustainability of processes allows us to guarantee a lower environmental impact.

01. Biodegradable Lubricants

Thanks to the support of E.C.O Italia, La Cisa has replaced the previous lubricants used on all the vehicles in its fleet with an innovative biodegradable ecological grease with the European Ecolabel and Blauer Engel environmental labels. Following a trial period carried out by La Cisa, the ecological grease has also demonstrated numerous advantages: exceptional resistance to runoff (ideal in the marine environment, near port facilities), unaltered performance during both hot and cold seasons, adhesiveness and lubrication capacity even after several years of greasing.

02. Reduction of CO2 emissions

The simulator used by La Cisa Academy allows the truck driver to practice driving and to improve his style, reducing errors and consequently optimizing fuel consumption and emissions. The simulated experience allows, first of all, to avoid the use of fuel in favor of the use of electric current. Secondly, the correct use of industrial vehicles results in a reduction of unnecessary steering operation, less tire wear and the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

03. Sustainable mobility

Finally, La Cisa is currently working with some partners to create new electric vehicles to be integrated into the fleet, such as 120-ton tractors and a 25-ton forklift truck, to further reduce the ecological impact while maintaining high performance of the machines used and / or supplied to its customers.

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