Our social commitment at Christmas 2022

It was 2021 when we started supporting Projects of the Onlus Cesvi and Tejiendo Sonrisas and we had told you about it in this article.

On the occasion of Christmas 2022, we chose to renew our social commitment and make a courageous, responsible and solidarity gesture by allocating a significant part of the budget for traditional Christmas gifts to support Cesvi’s “Guardians of the Forest” project.

A project located in the Madre de Dios region, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, which aims to promote the preservation of the existing forest heritage, through direct stewardship by indigenous communities and through the planting of new plants in degraded areas, thus becoming to all intents and purposes “guardians of the forest.” In the project, special attention is given to planting Amazonian walnut trees, as it is capable of growing up to 50 meters tall, living up to 700 years and storing about 64,000 kg of CO2 over its lifetime. (Source: Cesvi)

This donation is certified by a solidarity letter given to our customers who shared this initiative with us and received the corresponding participation.

But we did not want to stop there!

In fact, we later added a donation to support Tejiendo Sonrisas, an organization whose mission is to implement innovative proposals for social and economic inclusion in favor of the vulnerable and at-risk population, born from the experience of Cesvi Italy and operating in Peru for almost 40 years.

With our contribution to the fight against hunger for the most needy women, children and adolescents of the El Buen Samaritano communal soup kitchen located in Villa María del Triunfo, Peru.

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